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About Charkula Logo

Charkula logo represents the traditional folk dance of Utter Pradesh named "CHARKULA". The Charkula dance is associated with the Braj area of Uttar Pradesh and in particular with the village of Mukhrai in Mathura.

This female dominated dance is performed during the monsoon and the other occasions of festivity. The faces of women are veiled. The inspiration for the dance is believed to have come from Radha’s grandmother, who is believed to have run out of her house with wheel on her head to give the news of Radha’s birth. While dancing, women carry a multi-tiered heavy wheel on their heads.

This wheel has 108 oil lamps placed on the rim of each wheel and pots in the center and its waight ranges about 50 KG. While women dance , the men sing rasia folk songs in honour of Lord Krishna.

The instruments used in this dance are Nagara (drum), Algoza ( wind instrument), Thali (brass plate used for beat), Bansuri (flute) Majira, Khartal (cymbals) and harmonium.

About Charkula Arts Academy (Singapore)

Charkula Arts Academy (Singapore) is an Event, Performance management and Promotion organization with a team of committed, innovative, customer focused and experienced professionals with positive attributes of flexibility and adaptability. We handle a diverse portfolio of Local & International artists.

The organization has identified a growing interest in Art, Folk Dances and Music from the sub-continent. It aims to bring the highest quality to satisfy both the growing population of Indian people as well as non-Indians with an interest in subcontinent music and art.

The organization primarily produces and organizes Concerts, show and live performances in Singapore and neighboring countries.

Charkula Arts Academy (Singapore) is the extension of Charkula Arts Academy - India to promote Indian Arts & Culture outside India. Established in 2004 and registered with ACRA in 2007, Charkula Arts Academy (Singapore) is the Asia Pacific Headquarter headed by Alka Sharma with its corporate Headquarter in India. Charkula Arts Academy (Singapore) is engaged in promoting Folk dances, concerts / stage shows in Singapore. Its success with concerts and stage shows has surpassed all expectations by its audience.

Charkula Arts Academy (Singapore) prides itself on bringing quality entertainment to Singapore audiences. "Charkula Arts Academy" may do fewer shows each year, but the shows we bring are guaranteed to be high quality.

Management Profile
President Patron : Mr. Kirpa Ram Sharma
  • Managing Director of PARS RAM BROTHERS (PTE) LTD

  • Chairman - School Advisory Committee Pasir Ris Primary School

  • President - Arya Samaj Singapore / D.A.V Hindi School

  • Member - Singapore Indian Chamber of Commerce & Industry

  • Treasurer - Tong Eng Building Management Corporation

  • Committee member/Audit Committee - Hindu Endowment Board
Chairman : Pt. Murari Lal Sharma

Pt. Murari Lal Sharma is a Chairman of Charkula Arts Academy. Pt. Ji started Charkula Arts Academy (India) in 1986 to promote Indian folk dances formally.

He has been awarded with the coveted Yash Bharti Award 2005 by Honorable Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh, Mr. Mulayam Sigh Yadav Ji for his valuable contribution to Charkula Folk dance.

He also been awarded with Sangeet Natak Academy and other recognitions at National & International

Director : Ms. Alka Sharma

Ms. Alka Sharma is an Honorary Secretary in Charkula Arts Academy (India) and Founder member of Charkula Arts Academy (Singapore).

She has more than 10 years of experience in managing Indian Arts & Culture programs in India and other parts of the world. She got Bachelor's in Science

Founder Members : Dr.Nisha Rani Sharma, Executive Director and Sole Proprietor of "Center for Psychotherapy"

Voluntary work through Radhika Counselling and Community services and Family Psychotherapy Centre, Malaysia. Without any formal training, Dr. Nisha studied vocal on her own and taught bhajans to children. She took a test at Kala Kendra Chandigarh and passed

  • She has been singing at the temple since she was 6 years old
  • She has a diploma in classical vocal from Kala Kendra Chandigarh
  • She has a diploma in classical sitar from Kala Kendra Chandigarh
Artistic Director and Choreographer : Mr. Sanjay Sharma

Mr. Sanjay Sharma is artistic Director and choregrapher.Sanjay is having more than 15 years of experience in Indian Arts & cuture. Sanjay has sucessfully choreographed many stage shows in India and other countries.

  • Dubai Shopping Festival
  • Olympics Torch Relay
Board of Advisors

Mr. Vidhu Gautam

Mr. Satish Sharma

Mr. Brahm Sharma

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