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Ger Dance

The Ger dance of Mewar and Barmer in Rajasthan is based upon the legend of Raas Leela. The stories of valour are also sung in Gher dance.

The dance is performed on festive occasions by the men folk of Rajasthan. The Ger dancers carry small coloured sticks which they strike against one another to produce the rhythm of the dance.

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Chari Dance

The Chari dance of Gujjar tribe of Kishangarh area in Rajasthan is performed by Malis, the flower gatherers, primarily the women folk on the occasion of marriage when the bridegroom`s party arrives.

The dancers felicitate the party by leading them inside the house while balancing the pots called "CHARI" with lighted lamps, installed on the head.


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Ghoomar Dance

Ghoomar dance of Rajasthan is the premier dance of Rajasthani women performed on various festivals like Holi, Gangore, Puja, and Teej.

The main steps in this dance consist of turning round gradually in a circle. The tempo increases towards the end of the dance while the dancers whirl around in pairs.

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Sapera / Kalbeliya Dance

Kalbeliya is a nomadic group from Rajasthan whose primary occupation was ensnaring snakes and trading snake venom. This group belongs to the "Nath" sect.

During social and ceremonial ocassions, folk songs are sung and the women dance as if inspired, to the rhythmic beat of the "Daph" and the plaintive notes of the "Been" which highlights the unparalleled virtuousity of the dancers often reminiscent of the graceful and supple movements.

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Garasia Dance

Among the Garasia tribals of Rajasthan, this dance is most popular. The men and women of this tribe, sing and dance on festive occasions, in which men and women participate jointly.

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Kathputli Dance

A tradition of puppeteering has long existed in Rajasthan. A travelling form of entertainment, it uses the ballads, re-told in the voice of the puppeteer who is assisted by his family in erecting a make shift stage.

Puppets are strung on the stage and recount historic anecdotes, replay tale of love and include much screeching and high pitched sounds as the puppets twirl and move frenetically.

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Terah Taali Dance

This ritual dance is performed by the Kamada Communities of Rajasthan. Terah Tali dance is predominately a female performance.

Story of Shri Ram Dev Babaji and poems of Sant Kabir and Meera Bai constitute the main theme of dance and song. The dancers enchant the entire atmosphere with the jingling sound of the bells tucked in thirteen cymbals, tied around their bodies. That is how the dance gets its name "Tera Taali".

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Bhavai Dance

One of the state's most spectacular performances, it consists of veiled women dancers balancing up to seven or nine brass pitchers as they dance nimbly, pirouetting and then swaying with the soles of their feet perched on the top of a glass or on the edge of the sword.

There is sense of cutting edge suspense and nail biting acts in the dance.

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Chakri Dance

The Chakri dance is a popular traditional dance of Kanjar tribe, performed by the womenfolk of Haroti region of Rajasthan, on marriages and festive occasions.

They perform this dance whirling and singing to the beats of Dholak.

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Kachhi Ghodi Dance

Originated from the bandit regions of Shekhawati, the dance is performed for the entertainment of the bridegroom's party. Dancers while elaborate costumes that resemble them riding on dummy horse.

A vigorous dance, it uses mock fights and the brandishing of swords, nimble sidestepping and pirouetting to the music of fifes and drums. A ballad singer usually sings the exploits of the bandit Robin Hoods of Rajasthan.

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