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25/7/2015 7:00:00 PM

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RELC Auditorium,
RELC International Hotel,
30 Orange Grove road, Singapore

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Charkula is proud to present different shades of Humor with Hillarous performance by Rakesh Bedi in his Monologue performance in MASSAGE ( A True Massage for all your emotions).
Rakesh Bedi’s ‘Massage’ is the story of Happy Kumar, a common man who comes to the big city of Mumbai, with his pockets empty but a dream of being a hero. He passes through ups and downs, success and failure, hope and despair, joys and sorrows, lanes and bylanes of the city, and shares his journey with the theatre-enthusiast in a humorous way.

Rakesh Bedi hilariously portrays the people he comes across in the city – the Punjabi film producer, the South Indian actress, the Bihari politician … a total of 24 characters. Humiliated and distraught with his job as the fourth assistant to a film director, Happy Kumar leaves the film industry to become a gym instructor and then ….. The title ‘Massage’ refers to the massage of a person’s emotional state of mind. Though unable to realise his dreams of becoming a hero, Happy Kumar is a happy loser.

Originally written in Marathi by the well-known playwright, Vijay Tendulkar, Massage has been translated into Hindi by Dr. Vijaya Sahasrabuddhe and the enjoyable adaptation is done by Rakesh Bedi. Directed by Harbansh Singh with music by the renowned Kuldip Singh, Massage is a two-act monologue which has not only comedy but all the colours of life.

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